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Bad odours can occur in every home and office, at any time, for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the everyday living, working, cooking and eating, or a bad case of wet weather, flooding, fire or smoke, this can leave long lasting odours that are very unpleasant.
In fact, not only can these odours be unpleasant and stressful – they can be harmful to you, your family and your friend’s health.

You can try homemade DIY remedies or store-bought odour removals but the most effective way to permanently eradicate a stubborn odour from your home or office is by hiring professional odour removal services like those offered by Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control.


Remove Odours Forever

Magic Wand has more than 10 years’ experience and we understand about effective odour management. Our removal is targeted to the source of the problem. We employ a variety of the latest tools and technologies including the highly effective odour removal treatment, thermal fogging, to eradicate the problem.

Thermal Fogging Brisbane

Thermal fogging is one of the latest technologies in odour removal and is effective in restoring homes and businesses to their usual pleasant odours. We use thermal fogging to remove a wide range of stubborn odours including those caused by pets, fires, damp, wet, tobacco smoke and more.

Thermal fogging is a step-by-step process that begins with a comprehensive clean of the affected area. Due to the many different forms of odours that can occur, Magic wand will inspect and recommend a suitable process for the treatment. From there, the next step is to spray the area with ‘thermal fog’ to remove all remaining odours. The final stage involves sealing the area with materials like Shellac, alcohol or oil-based primers.

Thermal fogging soiled carpets can involve lifting the carpet and replacing the underlay for the most effective odour removal.

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If you notice an offending odour in your home, don’t waste time spending a mini-fortune on DIY home remedies or store-bought products. Call a reliable and dependable professional service like Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control on 1300 655 998, and have your home restored to new in no time.


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