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After spending a lot time sub-contracting to other companies we saw the need for good carpet cleaners and pest controllers but found that with the big companies the service was not there.

This is when we decided to begin our own company – Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Brisbane – and offer more for the money that the customer was paying. In today’s society we live a very fast paced lifestyle and I find that because of this the bigger companies are offering a very basic service with not a lot of time up the Technicians sleeve to personalize the service better.

This is where we believe Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control has succeeded. You, the customer gets to speak to the technician before the service, during the service and after the service. This makes sure all parties are happy throughout the whole process.





We pride ourselves in doing a high quality service. It is our belief that if the workmanship is of the best standard achievable, then we can enable customer satisfaction and that is what we rely on. We use only the highest quality chemicals and products to ensure on a professional standard of work and we do not believe in cutting corners to get the job completed quicker, we properly schedule the jobs to enable ample time.


Service Plan

A Detailed Service plan is scheduled for every quotation given. Due to the varying nature of each project, we take our customers individual needs into account and liaison with them to ensure all needs and requirements are met without confusion or any misunderstandings.

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