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Flea Pest Control

Pest Management

What are Fleas?

Fleas are a wingless parasites that feed off the blood of a range of hosts, including humans and animals, making them susceptible to transferring diseases.

Their bites will cause swelling and irritations, and have been known to transmit tapeworm larvae and murine typhus.

Dogs and cats provide the most common breeding grounds for fleas, creating a high risk for your home and family. For every flea that you see, there is likely to be an abundance of eggs and larvae found around the house – most often in carpeting, bedding, and under furniture edges.

Why Flea Pest Control?

An effective flea pest control program is essential to treat the environment, as well as your pets. This includes the removal and the prevention of further flea development.

Using only the highest quality chemicals and products and covered with full liability insurance, Magic Wand Pest Control are experienced professionals with reputable skills to remove fleas while being respectful to the environment, children, pets and anyone with medical conditions.

A detailed service plan is scheduled to accommodate each job, with a thorough service to ensure professional flea pest control results and complete customer satisfaction.

Flea Pest Management

Thorough 4 step process

The flea pest control starts with a thorough inspection, including underneath furniture edges, where your pets sleep, high traffic areas, underneath and around curtains, and external harbourages.

Environmentally friendly chemicals and products will then be used to treat any fleas and eggs.

All areas commonly used by your pets such as kennels, pet carriers, and other places that your pet resides, will be treated with the appropriate products.

As the environment can often vary from household to household, Magic Wand pest control will provide the best advice, products and service for the task at hand.



We carefully inspect the property to identify pests so that we can treat them effectively.


We assess the situation so that we can utilise the right equipment and solutions.

Treat Pests

We then treat your premises with the appropriate tools and equipment to rid you from pests.


Your job is reviewed to ensure everything is to your satisfaction. If not, Magic Wand will rectify it straight away.

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